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LASIK method


3 - 5 days

0 nights in the hospital

duration of the operation

30 minutes


local anesthesia


about 2 - 4 weeks

up to full visual acuity

LASIK stands for "Laser in situ Keratomileusis".


The procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis. The use of the laser itself only takes a few seconds.


Before the LASIK treatment, anesthetic eye drops are administered to ensure painless treatment. As soon as it takes effect, a small lid, called a flap, is prepared on the surface of the cornea. This is done with a microkeratome, a type of mechanical precision scalpel.


The corneal cover prepared in this way is then opened in order to expose the corneal layer underneath.


Now the actual laser treatment begins.

The laser beam models and shapes the corneal tissue in the micrometer range, whereby the cornea is given the correct curvature and the ametropia is compensated. The flap is then returned to its original position like an endogenous plaster. The LASIK treatment has been completed and you can go home for the following days after further information.

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Are you nearsighted, farsighted or suffer from astigmatism?


Medicterrean offers two laser eye methods to correct these ametropia:

The LASIK and the PRK / Lasek method.


The goal is that you see clearly after the laser eye surgery.


Which of the two methods - the LASIK OP or the PRK / Lasek - is suitable for you, you will discuss with your treating specialist for refractive surgery during the preliminary examination.

He will also be happy to answer your questions about eyes and laser eye surgery and provide information about the risks.

Even if it turns out that laser eye treatment is not suitable for you - for example if you have presbyopia - he will inform you about lens operations. Multifocal lenses and phakic intraocular lenses are further excellent options for correcting ametropia and can be considered as alternatives to eye lasers. Laser eye surgery (regardless of the treatment method) is always carried out on an outpatient basis, is practically painless thanks to numbing eye drops and the laser operation itself only takes a few seconds.




5 - 7 days

0 nights in the hospital

duration of the operation

12 hours


general anesthetic


approximately 2 weeks

Modern medicine now makes it possible to treat cataracts: by implanting artificial lenses. They replace the clouded natural lens.

The cataract is thus eliminated.


However, there are different types of lenses:


On the one hand the monofocal lens . This has only one focal point. In this way, smooth vision is ensured either only near or far away. However, the person affected may not be completely free of glasses.

On the other hand, there are now modern premium lenses: the multifocal lenses .

They make it possible to eliminate cataracts and enable the patient to live without glasses. Because this type of artificial lens, thanks to several focal points, ensures vision at all distances - in the near, intermediate and far range.


The procedure is an outpatient procedure and takes about 10 minutes per eye. An anesthetic is not necessary. Instead, numbing eye drops are used, which enable painless treatment. Several 100,000 lens treatments have already been carried out in the group of companies. Therefore, our experts are very experienced in this field of refractive surgery and patients are in good hands with our ophthalmologists when they undergo cataract treatment.


How long will you be unable to work after cataract surgery?


Normally, you can go back to your daily routine the day after the treatment. However, we recommend our patients a few days of rest in order to get the body used to the new, significantly improved visual impression

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Hotel for patient and accompanying person including meals

Hospital stay (if necessary) for patient and accompanying person

All transfers included for patient and accompanying person

Required medication (if necessary), also for follow-up treatment

24h support in German, English, Arabic or Russian by your side

All documents including doctor's letters (treatment also on DVD)

Further services according to your wishes

Contact us today and receive without obligation  your individual,
tailor-made offer for you.


You can find all information from the first inquiry, the entire process, to the follow-up treatment here. 

In addition, the Medic-Terrean team is available 24/7 for further support

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