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Smile Makeover: Verfahren


5 - 7 days

0 nights in the hospital

Treatment duration 

2 days in total


Local anesthesia


immediately after completing the treatment

How it works?

Our group of experts uses the latest technological framework to conjure up a new, radiant smile for you.


  1. We take a model of your teeth and photos from different angles. An expert from our research center will reschedule your smile using the DSD framework.

  2. We create a wax model of your teeth so that you can see your smile in advance.

  3. E-Max veneers or crowns are inserted into your mouth to customize the look.


In the end you get the beautiful smile you deserve .

Reinvent your smile!


Everyone wants a beautiful, pearly white smile. Unfortunately, natural wear and tear, tooth decay, and other problems can damage your teeth and make your smile less impressive.


Smile Design (Makeover) is a complete treatment that includes both white aesthetics (teeth) and pink aesthetics (gums).

There are many benefits to having a full smile design, such as: B. Increasing your self-esteem, regulating your teeth and improving your oral health.


Smile Makeover includes all available treatments like:


Teeth whitening

Dental veneers

Dental crowns

Dental implants

Gum contouring

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments like FaceLift - fillers -

Smile Makeover is unique for every patient. There is no “specific” smile makeover package.

Smile Makeover: Galerie
lächelnde Frau

What are the advantages?


Treatment depends on examining the extent of the face and teeth of a patient, using a special 3D scanning technique. We can plan your new smile with you before the actual treatment.

In this way we can also take into account the relationships between the teeth, gums, lips and smile. The attending physician will go through all the options with you step by step and of course implement your wishes and explain the treatment plan to you in an understandable way.


What are the advantages?

Development of a complete extra- and intra-oral taste and smell mode.


Smile Makeover is the perfect combination of all cosmetic dental and non-surgical treatments


There are many reasons why people choose our smile makeover treatment. We understand that every motive and wish of our patient is different and no smile line is exactly the same. We design our treatment plans according to the needs of each individual. Thanks to this commitment to personalized treatment, we can achieve excellent results every time.


We can help you completely redesign your smile according to your specifications and expectations. Smile makeovers are not entirely aesthetic. As you restore your smile and repair damaged teeth, you can go back to biting, chewing, talking, or eating as you normally would. In some cases, smile makeovers strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Smile makeovers can also repair your face structure when the jawbone is receding due to age and tooth damage.

Smile Makeover: Galerie
Frau mit der Hand auf Gesicht

Hotel for patient and accompanying person including meals

Hospital stay (if necessary) for patient and accompanying person

All transfers included for patient and accompanying person

Required medication (if necessary), also for follow-up treatment

24h support in German, English, Arabic or Russian by your side

All documents including doctor's letters (treatment also on DVD)

Further services according to your wishes

Contact us today and receive without obligation  your individual,
tailor-made offer for you.

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