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We would like to point out that an operation always involves risks. Every body is different and reacts differently. Of course we try our best to avoid complications. 

Of course, the preparation and aftercare in your home country are also important for an optimal result. Of course, we will also advise you after the procedure and take care of you. 

Here you will find some preparations and also the risks for your upcoming operation.

And please don't forget that surgerythe last wayshould be when no other measures are possible.


You are in the best position to have an arm lift if you are generally healthy and have completed weight loss. We explain what else you can consider below:​

  • About two weeks before the upper arm lift, you should stop taking anticoagulant and blood-thinning medication and avoid alcohol and nicotine.

  • On the evening before your procedure, you should not eat anything after 10 p.m. in order to be sober for the procedure.

  • On the day of the operation, you should shower again and shave your armpits. However, do not use oily products, creams or lotions.

  • Have someone close to you give you a hand for the first few days, as you will not be able to lift heavy or otherwise use your arms.

  • Since you should rest for two weeks after the upper arm lift, it is best to take a vacation for this time.


While it is important that you gently mobilize your surgically lifted arms immediately after the procedure, you should avoid excessive exertion and pressure on the sutures. Please also note the following information. 


  • You will wear a pressure bandage for about two days after the upper arm lift to prevent swelling. Any drains are then usually removed.

  • You should wear special compression bandages that your doctor prescribes for about four to six weeks. 

  • To ensure that your wounds do not become infected, please ensure adequate personal hygiene.

  • For at least six weeks, you should make sure that you strain your arm muscles as little as possible.

  • This includes avoiding driving, exercise and heavy lifting.

  • Consistent scar care is particularly important for upper arm lifts, as the seams are slightly wider than in other aesthetic procedures and this alone makes them more noticeable.

  • So avoid the sun or solarium for at least six months after the upper arm lift, because UV radiation can darken the scars.

  • You should also refrain from going to the sauna or infrared cabin for about six weeks.

The greatest risks in the operations are wound healing disorders, thrombosis, resulting pulmonary embolism and necrosis if the healing process is disturbed. Please be sure to follow the instructions of the doctor and your supervisor!!

Hotel for patient and accompanying person including meals

Hospital stay (if necessary) for patient and accompanying person

All transfers included for patient and accompanying person

Required medication (if necessary), also for follow-up treatment

24h support in German, English, Arabic or Russian by your side

All documents including doctor's letters (treatment also on DVD)

Further services according to your wishes

Contact us today and receive without obligation  your individual,
tailor-made offer for you.

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